International Trade Service Platform

The Saas platform, which is the world’s original cross-border trade ecosystem service, provides a one-stop B2B solution that caters to the different needs of cross-border e-commerce and online exhibition customers.

Public Service Platform
Trade to B
Global store opening
Foreign trade services
PayPaytone Foreign Trade Service is a comprehensive one-stop service platform for foreign trade enterprises, providing a comprehensive service platform that integrates payment settlement, financial financing, customer management, cross-border logistics, export tax refund, and other functions. Through standardized sorting and process reengineering of key businesses involved in the import and export process, such as supplier management, order management, logistics management, and warehouse management, Assist foreign trade enterprises in optimizing business processes, improving operational efficiency and efficiency, and helping them grow rapidly
Cross-border logistics
Global high-quality cross-border supply chain logistics service provider
Intelligent customs declaration
Intelligent customs clearance service, time-saving, reassuring, and convenient
Insurance services
Cash and goods received, providing comprehensive protection
Capital verification & factory inspection
Professional inspection, appraisal, testing, and certification services
Export agent
Provide precise and comprehensive procurement services
Intellectual property
Business coverage in over 200 countries and regions worldwide
Payment settlement
Connect with global financial institutions
Financial service
Make cross-border transactions easier and trade more convenient
Enterprise certification
Credit certification system
Foreign trade tools
Efficient, convenient, and cost-effective
The World Original Cloud Exhibition and Cloud Sales is the first online exhibition platform established for global cross-border trade. By reconstructing the three exhibition cores of “display, matchmaking, and negotiation” online, foreign trade enterprises can break through time and space limitations. Enable enterprises to easily obtain a large amount of overseas exposure and precise customer matching. Enable enterprises to seize international trade opportunities with ease and effort, and gain uninterrupted global trade contacts and business expansion.
How to obtain orders for enterprises

How to obtain orders for enterprises

Jointly forming a trade alliance with over 70 international and regional foreign trade institutions worldwide
Creating local characteristic industries

Creating local characteristic industries

Absorb industrial clusters and support high-quality enterprises.
Collaborate to establish a selection center

Collaborate to establish a selection center

Establish a selection center with independent domain names for partnersn
T-CloudFair Original Mode

T-CloudFair Original Mode

According to the model of “one exhibition per month, multiple exhibitions on one platform”, more than ten cloud exhibitions of various industries are organized every year.
One on one supply and demand docking

One on one supply and demand docking

Breaking the pattern of “zero transaction” and “exhibition but unsold” in domestic cloud exhibitions.
Public Service Platform
Paypaytone Public Service Platform refers to the use of cloud computing technology to provide comprehensive foreign trade business management, customer management, import and export management, internal process management, supply chain management, human resource management and other services and agency operations for local industries, business associations, industry leaders, and other organizations. It solves business problems in daily business management, thereby improving the overall foreign trade competitiveness of industries and industries in the region.


Kiosk is a new exhibition model that combines traditional exhibitions with new technologies and business models, utilizing information technology such as the Internet, cloud computing, and big data to improve the efficiency of the exhibition industry. Introduce enterprises, products, and services to participating customers through information screen technology, and support remote video negotiation functions. Enable more foreign trade enterprises to obtain more precise customers at the lowest cost

Enable Chinese companies to participate in overseas exhibitions in real-time

Trade to B

Trade to B integrates rich media production and investment experience to create a comprehensive international trade exhibition platform, providing an interconnected and international exhibition window for Chinese manufacturing enterprises. Narrow the distance between overseas and current Chinese import and export trade. Deepen the identification of overseas mainstream consumer groups with Made in China, refresh the mutual understanding among international enterprises, and complete the layout of diversified scene media based on the new foreign trade trend.


PaypayData is a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade data based on the DaaS model. By deeply mining e-commerce data from multiple countries and regions around the world, Paypaydata provides enterprises with a one-stop comprehensive service for foreign trade e-commerce big data, helping them achieve precise marketing in the market and enhance market competitiveness. This platform is mainly based on customs data and provides users with real-time data monitoring, rapid filtering, deep analysis and other services.

Trade data

Business contact information

Global Enterprise Information

Retail data

Coverage Platform

Daily monitoring of products

Accurate docking with market demand
  • Integrate and split different data sources, statistically analyze transaction data, gain insight into market trends, and grasp the peak and low seasons of market procurement
  • Based on transaction data, identify changes in the demand for materials, processes, and other aspects of the industry’s procurement, and prepare for product or industry changes
  • Dynamically updated macro data provides data support for market development and investment strategies
Multidimensional control of trade risks
  • Provide basic information such as company information, financial status, and main industries for countries and regions with trade relations with China
  • Interoperability between business data, transaction data, contact database, and three-dimensional control of trade risks through data, information, and information
  • Provide information about competitors and similar companies to efficiently develop overseas customers
Comprehensive data integration
  • Covering over 100 platforms
    Collect data from over 100 online platforms worldwide, including mainstream e-commerce, social media, and live streaming platforms
  • Monitor over 10 million products daily
    Monitor and process over ten million e-commerce product data every day
  • Full Product Cycle Data Analysis
    From product development, market entry, pricing strategy, competitor analysis, to consumer feedback, our data analysis is crucial for every business department
We can solve it for you
  • Production and supply and demand situation in domestic and foreign markets of the industry
  • Provide effective support for market positioning
  • Unsatisfied markets, opening up new blue oceans in industrial markets
  • Future development trends of the industry and market
  • Avoiding Market Development and Customer Development Risks
Global store opening
Sell2where is a cloud service platform for global cross-border e-commerce stores, providing global cross-border e-commerce solutions. Enable global mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress to open stores with one click. Through the overseas agency operation team, we select the optimal overseas marketing plan for customers and support the construction of global multilingual self built websites. Help seller companies quickly and low-cost establish their own cross-border terminal matrix