Global integrated marketing

  • Global Business/Association Trade Promotion

  • Authoritative media linkage and momentum preheating

  • Global social media assistance in communication and promotion

  • Big data targeted customer invitation

Building an industry level public service balance

  • Enhance the global influence of industry associations

  • Build an exchange platform forupstream and downstream industries

  • Expand global sales channels in the industry

  • Digital transformation increases enterprise trade volume

Creating Industry Cloud Exhibition and Cloud Sales

  • Independent selection center

    Empowered by technology, achieving diversified online displays,Create a new image of the industry overseas

  • Intelligent business matching

    Provide online transaction matching and provide support for both supply and procurement parties Provide an online “face-to-face” communication platform

  • One-stop foreign trade service

    Strong foreign trade SaaS service system, providing securityFully guaranteed, quickly obtaining overseas orders

T-CloudFair Case

Ganzhou Nankang district cross-border trade public service platform
Chifeng international trade public service platform
Changsha international machinery equipment cloud exhibition cloud sales

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