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    Trademark services

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Global Trademark Services
  • Trademark
    approximation query
    Check if the applied trademark is similar to the trademark that has been applied for or registered by others
  • Trademark
    classification query
    Faster understanding of the classification of goods/services and reducing trademark registration risks
  • Trademark
    success rate query
    Intelligent big data+manual dual comparative analysis to improve registration success rate
  • Online
    trademark registration
    High pass rate of trademark registration, full refund for unsuccessful registration of Enjoyment
Registration success rate prediction
Based on the trademark name, accurately locate the 45 major categories, 500+groups, and scope of small items of the trademark, and quickly provide the corresponding trademark registration success rate and professional registration suggestions
Risk analysis of trademark categories
Detailed display of the distribution of registration risks for each category of the trademark, divided into three levels: low, medium, and high, to facilitate the development of different brand protection plans based on different categories.
Refined analysis of trademark groups
Deeply analyze the coverage of trademark groups to facilitate applicants to further refine their brand protection plans.
Display of similar trademarks with the same name
The registration of the same name and similar trademarks is clear at a glance,Meet the different needs of applicants for trademark purchase and brand rights protection.
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