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 Paypaytone SaaS system
Efficient service Share information Full service
The construction of the SaaS system is oriented to the upstream, midstream and downstream customers of the industry, and provides bulk trade SaaS services integrating transaction, warehousing, logistics, finance and other one-stop services;
Using digital information technology, organically combining multiple roles such as suppliers, buyers, warehousing, logistics, and finance, to empower the industrial supply chain and build an industrial Internet ecosystem.
 SaaS system can realize for you
SaaS system highly integrated resources to meet operational management needs
SaaS system: full-service multi-scenario, keeping up with the pulse of the market
SaaS system: Customized services bring higher operational efficiency
SaaS system highly integrated resources to meet operational management needs
SaaS system development for large enterprises/groups. Help enterprises integrate their own channel business and multi-channel supplier resources, realize a unified operation management system, and meet the online operation and management needs of bulk trade
 Smart data center
One-stop window
Resolve the failure of burden and share
Diversified chart
Meet different needs
Multil summary report
Fill once and use multiple
Support bill outsource
Realize internal and external collaboration of organizational data
Configurable report building
Lower costs and higher efficiency
Business collaboration
Improve data utilization
Improve data utilization
Convenient, smart and fast
Pan-micro data center management enables data linkage, breaks data islands, and realizes internal and external collaboration of organizational data
Management cockpit
The core data such as sales, customers, payment collection, project progress, and operational risks that leaders are concerned about are extracted from various application modules or multiple systems, and displayed in one window.
Multi-level budget reporting
Report the budget data of lower level companies or departments through the data center layer by layer, and automatically remind, control, review, summarize, analyze and display according to established rules.
Contract Payment Reminder
The contract module is associated with the data center, the organizational budget is automatically associated during payment, the budget execution risk is calculated, and the intelligent assistant is reminded to avoid the contract payment risk.
External information collection
The internal data form is sent out through the data center, and external personnel fill in the data through WeChat or the first-party portal, and perform statistical analysis.
 Provide accurate industry solutions
Full-link operation of bulk trade, SaaS has a complete solution
  • Relying on years of experience in the steel trade industry, we have an in-depth understanding of user transaction scenarios. The SaaS system meets various transaction scenarios of bulk trade.
  • Support spot purchase and sales, support purchase by sale, support futures pre-sale, support terminal distribution and other transaction modes.
  • The procurement, sales, inventory, and financial modules of different transaction scenarios are clear and easy to understand, and the business management and control of the whole scenario.
  • High efficient business-finance integration solution. Integrated management and control of business data such as sales, procurement, and inventory, and financial services, real-time tracking and control, and improved cost-effectiveness.
  • Automatically generate multi-dimensional financial statements to keep abreast of operating conditions.
  • Support bank-enterprise direct connection and golden tax system docking to improve financial efficiency.
  • Cooperate with well-known financial institutions to build a financial network to quickly and compliantly handle foreign exchange international settlement business.
  • It is an independent virtual sub-account with customers as the unit opened for merchants under the cooperative bank account, and the bank will supervise the funds to help you complete the international settlement business of export foreign exchange collection and guarantee the income.