Connect with global financial institutions,
Covering over 200 countries and regions

International trade settlement

Paypaytone collaborates with financial institutions such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Lianlian, and PayPal to establish a financial network to quickly and compliant handle foreign exchange international settlement business. An independent virtual sub account opened by the merchant under the cooperative bank account, with the customer as the unit, is supervised by the bank for funds, helping you complete international settlement business for export collection and ensuring profits.

  • Outward remittance

    Inward remittance

    Import collection

    Documentary Collection

    Letter of Credit Confirmation

    Letter of Credit Opening

  • Import letter of credit

    Export LC

    Export Negotiation

    Export collection

    International factoring

    Cross border settlement

  • Global Collection

    Multi currency exchange

    Preferred exchange rate

    Sunshine exchange settlement

  • Personalized link payment

    Email Payment

    Professional billing

Import and export payment and exchange, one-stop service

  • Foreign trade receipts - time saving

    Covering global mainstream currencies, supporting local currency collection, with up to 2 hours of receipt, zero cost account opening, no account opening, management, and posting fees

  • Foreign trade payment - labor-saving

    Import purchase and payment in foreign exchange, fully online, simple and efficient transfer and payment, fast receipt

  • Security Compliance - Rest assured

    More than 60 payment licenses and qualifications are protected against asset losses through a dual system, with a prevention rate of over 99.9999%

Six major measures to comprehensively ensure customer safety

  • Compliance First
  • System safety
  • Safety certification
  • Fund security
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Privacy
Global Collection

One stop global multi currency collection without the need for offshore companies and accounts

Local collection is the fastest to arrive on the same day, maximizing efficiency and zero exchange loss throughout the entire process

Opening, posting, and managing a receiving account is free of charge

Easy operation

Full process online operation, no need for bank counter processing

Information system docking with simple materials

Credit compliance declaration and verification

Preferred exchange rate

Real time grasp of exchange rate dynamics, real-time view of order exchange rates

Lock in super optimal exchange rates and support initiating locked exchange rate payments

Quick settlement and balance of fund security

Traditional trade settlement methods
  • Buyer
  • Buyer’s Bank
  • Intermediary bank
  • Seller’s Bank
  • Seller

Inferior power

  • Preparing remittance documents takes time
  • It takes 2-3 working days to complete the payment process
  • Limited disclosure of payment instructions
  • Require verification of transaction and payee information
  • Due to incorrect remittance information, funds may be stuck in intermediary banks
Gtrade365 Solution
  • Buyer
  • Buyer’s Bank
  • Intermediary bank
  • Seller
  • Intermediary bank

Excellent power

  • The full chain funds of both trading parties are subject to bank supervision (bank reserve accounts) in the same system, ensuring the security of funds
  • Provide multi-dimensional bank enterprise reconciliation, with clear fund clearing, withdrawal, transaction details, etc. at a glance
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