Cloud exhibition arrangement
World Commodity Network will carefully plan and organize a total of 150 overseas online exhibitions through the 'Cloud Exhibition and Cloud Sales' platform in 2024. The exhibition covers a wide range of fields, including comprehensive industry, optoelectronic information, automotive manufacturing, etc. These exhibitions will fully utilize the resources of nearly 70 international organizations and associations worldwide, providing efficient ways for enterprises across the country to seize export orders.
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Overseas Business Promotion

Connecting global supply and demand, easily doubling customer acquisition

We have successfully organized thousands of Chinese enterprises to significantly enhance their production and operation performance and brand image overseas through the “Cloud Exhibition and Cloud Sales” activity. Our company is committed to assisting Chinese enterprises in going global, building a convenient platform for trade exchanges between China and foreign countries, and fully promoting the vigorous development of foreign trade for enterprises.

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Corporate image optimization

Understanding the world and meeting the diversified promotional needs of enterprises

An international content team composed of three locations at home and abroad ensures that the content exported to the outside world is more in line with international standards and the needs of overseas buyers.

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Accurate data matching

Global foreign trade data, gathering massive global resources

Covering two major functions of global sales data and customs data, comprehensive and authentic database information helps enterprises accurately locate target customer groups and efficiently acquire customers.

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Overseas integrated marketing

We are professional in exporting Chinese corporate brands

Provide one-stop solutions for global marketing to corporate clients. By combining overseas SEO natural search rankings, SEM advertising promotion, and social media marketing promotion, we aim to achieve high exposure and high conversion overseas, helping enterprises build a global marketing traffic pool online, allowing global precision buyers to proactively search for their homes, and creating a Chinese export manufacturing brand image.

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We assist nearly a thousand Chinese corporate brands to go global every year