Enhance the economic strength of local industries
  • Industrial Belt Global Production and Distribution Center

    Absorb industrial clusters and support high-quality enterprises. Connect upstream and downstream supporting development, and support pillar industries of leading enterprises. Drive industrial optimization and upgrading with advantageous resources.

  • Industrial belt global trade center

    From strategy, industry, product, development, investment attraction, operation, etc Diversified regional pattern creates an integrated industrial production chain, Forming industrial interaction and complementary advantages.

Attracting global enterprises
Seize the Opportunity of National Industrial Adjustment and Revitalization Policy

Laying the foundation for the medium and long-term development of local industrial belts.

Building an industrial level public service platform
  • Build an industrial information exchange platform
  • Assist in global market promotion of the industry
  • Building Industrial Talent Training Services
  • Expand global sales channels for the industry
  • Digital transformation increases enterprise trade volume
  • Provide a one-stop trade service platform for enterprises
T-CloudFair Case

Ganzhou Nankang district cross-border trade public service platform

Chifeng international trade public service platform

Changsha international machinery equipment cloud exhibition cloud sales