Crafted with Craftsmanship in ‘The Great Made in China’ - Chinese Wisdom Grows from scratch

Trade to B is a comprehensive international trade display platform built by World Commodity Network with years of accumulation and rich experience in media production and investment. With its sensitive sense of international trade market, World Commodity Network has firmly grasped the wave of “going abroad” in traditional manufacturing industry, combined with China’s strategic program of implementing “manufacturing power”, and innovated an interconnected and international external display window for Chinese manufacturing enterprises. Narrow the distance between overseas and current Chinese import and export trade. Deepen the identification of mainstream overseas consumer groups with Made in China. Refreshing mutual understanding among international enterprises. Complete the layout of diversified scene media based on new foreign trade trends.This documentary is the first in China to showcase the achievements of Chinese foreign trade enterprises. Based on industry planning and resource integration, World Commodity Network showcases high-quality content such as the operation, brand planning, and production status of domestic bulk foreign trade enterprises to international platforms from multiple perspectives such as procurement, supply chain, and manufacturing.

From the first perspective of the purchaser, the enterprise and factory are presented realistically through video, and through interactive links, customers can better understand the business and products.
  • Aerial photography showcases the scale of enterprises
  • Interact with engineers to understand production processes
  • Product Function Introduction
  • Overseas business display of enterprises
  • Global release through virtual exhibition halls
  • Success stories and customer feedback

The purpose of ‘Great Country Boutique’ is to provide assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises to open up market sales, enhance product awareness, and create national independent brands.

The release of “Great Power Boutique” is also an important measure to practice full media integrated dissemination. Based on the value of C-end television media, combined with the dissemination mode of N-end mainstream online media, self media, client and other integrated media, it not only improves the market competitiveness and credibility of the enterprise, but also deepens the support for marketing and sales content and brand story dissemination, further enhancing the enterprise’s image and reputation.

Optimize corporate image packaging

We provide professional overseas image packaging for enterprises to help them cope with the constantly changing global market

  • Efficient

    The experience of serving over 1000 enterprises overseas every year ensures the effectiveness of each communication plan

  • Precision

    Unique international content production team, better understanding of overseas customer audience habits

  • Speciality

    Familiar with the overseas communication needs and priorities of Chinese enterprises

  • Comprehensive

    Having a full media overseas production team, from copywriting optimization to video production, ensuring content diversity and effectiveness

Integrated marketing
Helping companies establish and maintain their brand image globally

Enhance brand trust, guide audience change, and create communication value.Cloud exhibition and cloud sales help users seize critical moments and showcase your enterprise information in a timely and appropriate manner through overseas SEO optimization such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Through the cloud exhibition cloud sales platform, not only can we attract more high-quality customers, but we can also effectively control overseas promotion costs.

  • Leading overseas communication model
  • Extensive dissemination coverage area
  • Massive media resources
  • Internationalized content planning team