From the first perspective of the purchaser, the enterprise and factory are presented realistically through video, and through interactive links, customers can better understand the business and products.

  • Aerial photography showcases the scale of enterprises

  • Interact with engineers to understand production processes

  • Product Function Introduction

  • Overseas business display of enterprises

  • Global release through virtual exhibition halls

  • Success stories and customer feedback

Customer Stories

  • Hunan Tuowo Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd

  • Hunan Nengchuang Technology Co., Ltd

  • Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute

  • Gensheng doors and windows

  • Weifang Leiteng Power Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Hunan Tiantuo Engineering Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd

  • Laizhou Luzun Machinery Co., Ltd

  • Jiangsu Taixin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Optimize corporate image packaging

Optimize corporate image promotional materials, provide professional product information materials for thousands of domestic enterprises in various languages overseas, and conduct nearly 100 overseas roadshows throughout the year, allowing buyers to obtain corporate information in the most intuitive way.

  • Product manual

  • Enterprise Introduction

  • Promotional materials

  • Technology and craftsmanship

  • Asset certification

  • Video packaging

Help enterprises go overseas to obtain more overseas orders

  • Procurement matchmaking meeting

    Hold a 1V1 purchaser docking meeting to accurately match buyers for enterprises

  • Massive purchase orders

    Obtain massive purchase orders through all channels and facilitate transactions

  • Cloud exhibition activities

    Reconstruct the three exhibition cores of “display, matchmaking, and negotiation” online to engage in trade and business expansion

  • Big data

    Global massive foreign trade data support, comprehensive information collection for suppliers and purchasers, and massive global enterprise information contact resources

  • Overseas cooperative institutions/ associations

    Targeted promotion by overseas partners/associations, screening the list of recent importer enterprises for targeted promotion

Trade services

Mission driven value creation, innovation achieving the future of the world

By closely integrating technology and trade, integrating online and offline, connecting global trade resources and brands, we aim to create a cross-border trade innovation platform that integrates import and export. Utilizing technological means to integrate the flow of gold, logistics, and information in cross-border trade, comprehensively promoting the digital upgrading of various aspects of cross-border commerce, solidly implementing the construction of industrial internet, and actively promoting high-quality development of trade.

Paypaytone Business Services

  • Procurement Agency

    Provide precise and comprehensive procurement services for import merchants

  • Insurance services

    Credit and logistics insurance solve merchants’ worries, providing comprehensive protection for both money and goods

  • Intelligent customs declaration

    Intelligent customs clearance service, time-saving, reassuring, and convenient

  • Enterprise certification

    Enterprise certification

    A credit authentication system supported by big data credit reporting and blockchain

  • Cross-border logistics

    Gathering global high-quality cross-border logistics supply chain logistics service providers

  • Payment settlement

    Payment settlement

    Connect with global financial institutions, covering over 200 countries and regions

  • Export services

    Fast, convenient, professional one-stop service

  • Capital verification & factory inspection

    Collaborate with internationally recognized inspection, appraisal, testing, and certification institutions to provide product testing services