Provide precise and comprehensive procurement services for import merchants

Add value to procurement and facilitate trade circulation.

Agency procurement
  • By integrating supplier resources through information technology, we aim to achieve 24-hour electronic customs clearance, simplified declaration, intelligent checkpoint inspection and release, and simplified management of value-added tax collection/refund for export goods. We provide a shared platform for commercial circulation and foreign trade for enterprises, and build a convenient channel for connecting with the international market.
  • Paypaytone and third-party personnel on the platform provide specialized and refined electronic services for buyers in key links such as qualification filing, purchase orders, information entry, booking and packing, inspection and customs declaration, customs clearance, and foreign exchange settlement. Add value to procurement and facilitate trade circulation.
One stop comprehensive foreign trade import agency services
Paipaitong integrates import trade agents, import transportation agents, and import customs declaration agents into a complete supply chain. Customers can choose our one-stop service or partial service cooperation. We provide various services for customers, including import agency, purchasing and payment, foreign exchange declaration, foreign exchange settlement, trade plan planning, license agency, import logistics services, import customs clearance, door-to-door, etc. Save customers time! Don't worry! More cost-effective!
Import agency process
Safe and convenient one-stop service for foreign trade customs clearance.
Signing trade contracts
Accept the commission of the consignee of imported goods and act as an agent for customers to sign international trade contracts.
T/T payment or issuance of letter of credit
Provide customers with the qualification to receive imported goods and arrange for overseas remittances to Zhongshen International Trade.
Urge foreign delivery and transportation
Under FOB terms, handle pick-up, booking, and insurance. Under CIF terms, urge timely delivery from overseas and prepare import bills of lading.
Customs clearance upon arrival of goods at the port
After arrival at the port, we provide a one-stop worry free service for customs clearance, customs inspection, payment of taxes, release of goods, and other import clearance procedures.
Warehouse delivery, door-to-door service
Provide warehouse storage and delivery to designated locations nationwide according to customer needs.
Provide receipts and complete settlement
Issue a statement of account, refund any excess fees or make up for any shortfall, and provide the customer with various receipts after settlement is completed.
Foreign trade export agency services
Provide export agents with a one-stop service, including domestic and international document signing, application for letter of credit, booking, export inspection (replacement of inspection documents), export customs declaration, production of a complete set of export documents (packing list, invoice, certificate of origin, quality certificate), loading, insurance, review of negotiation documents, negotiation of foreign exchange receipts, verification, and tax refund.
Integrate the three services of export agency trade, export transportation agency, and export agency customs declaration together to form a complete supply chain.
We can handle some of the business on behalf of customers according to their needs, such as handling certificates of origin (Form A, Form E, Form F, and a certificate of origin C/O), conducting commercial inspections, and pre classifying products.
Export agency service process
The operational cooperation with customers also depends on the specific situation of the business
Sign a cooperation agreement
Both parties need to carefully discuss, as the content of the contract is related to the rights and obligations of both parties
Collection and payment of foreign exchange
According to the signed agency agreement, after receiving the foreign exchange, transfer it to the customer, or after receiving the foreign exchange, transfer RMB to the customer
Freight/Booking Warehouse
Provide freight and booking services to customers by confirming booking requirements
Inspection declaration
Prepare relevant documents, declare to the commodity inspection agency, and accept the inspection of export goods by the agency
Customs declaration and clearance
Undertake various customs procedures for customers' import and export goods, items, or transportation vehicles
Advance payment of tax refund
Issue accounts receivable and settle the agent payment fees negotiated by both parties, and pay the remaining tax refund on behalf of the agent
Agent export service, helping customers save the hassle of operating over 20 export procedures on their own
Without an export agent, the export process of foreign trade is like walking a maze and easily falling into a trap. Choose us to make your export journey as smooth as a road, effortlessly overcoming every challenge!
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Paipaitong is a professional team that provides import and export foreign trade agency services. We provide one-stop and one-stop import and export agency services, including export agency services, import agency services, import and export settlement, export tax refunds, trade plan planning, license agency, import and export customs clearance, customs declaration and inspection, door-to-door services, and more.
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