PaypayData is a comprehensive service platform for foreign trade data based on the DAAS model. Through deep mining of e-commerce data from multiple countries and regions around the world, it provides enterprises with a one-stop comprehensive service for foreign trade e-commerce big data, helping them achieve precise marketing and enhance market competitiveness. This platform is mainly based on customs data and provides users with real-time data monitoring, rapid filtering, deep analysis and other services.
100 Hundred million+
Trade data
5.2 Hundred million+
Business contact information
4.5 Hundred million+
Global Enterprise Information
80 Hundred million+
Retail data
100 +
Coverage Platform
10000 +
Daily monitoring of products
 PaypayData analysis
 Massive global high-quality buyers
Major foreign trade B2B platforms
Industry associations/chambers of commerce worldwide
Famous domestic and international industry exhibitions
Customs and commodity inspection of various countries
 Accurate docking with market demand
Integrate and split different data sources, statistically analyze transaction data, gain insight into market trends, and grasp the peak and low seasons of market procurement
Based on transaction data, identify changes in the demand for materials, processes, and other aspects of the industry’s procurement, and prepare for product or industry changes
Dynamically updated macro data provides data support for market development and investment strategies
 Multidimensional control of trade risks
Provide basic information such as company information, financial status, and main industries for countries and regions with trade relations with China
Interoperability between business data, transaction data, contact database, and three-dimensional control of trade risks through data, information, and information
Provide information about competitors and similar companies to efficiently develop overseas customers
 E-commerce Retail Data
Including Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Vipshop, 1688, Amazon, eBay and other mainstream e-commerce platforms at home and abroad
Help enterprises timely grasp the operation and market competition of distribution channels
Conduct market analysis, competitor analysis, and own strengths and weaknesses analysis to identify popular products and make product selection decisions.
 Assist foreign trade enterprises
Industry in foreign markets
Production and supply and demand
Industry status, market positioning
Put forward effective support
The unsatisfied market,
Open up a new blue ocean in the industrial market
Future development trends of the industry and market,
Identify opportunities and inflection points in industry development
Emergency, research strategies,
Avoid market development and customer development risks
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