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Based on big data, cloud computing, and
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Alibaba’s economy, and provide
cross-border trade services for global small
and medium-sized enterprises
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  • Be based on Credit authentication system for big data credit reporting and blockchain traceability
  • Support business certification from over 50 countries
  • Safeguarding the security of cross-border transactions.
Pay attention to the true purchasing intentions of overseas buyers, and based on artificial intelligence analysis, display and publish real-time requirements on the platform. We have conducted the best screening and classification of many useless push messages on the current network. Artificial intelligence can help shorten sales cycles and achieve intelligent pairing between suppliers and buyers.
An electronic signing and contract management platform covering over 50 countries worldwide. Identity authentication: Real name authentication is conducted for enterprises from over 50 countries, both domestically and internationally, to ensure the authenticity and validity of signed enterprise and personal information. Electronic contract: Sign online, quickly proceed, and simplify the signing process. Data storage: The entire process of identity authentication and contract signing can be traced back. Provide legal evidence for safeguarding rights. System integration: embedded in e-commerce systems, e-commerce platform users complete the process from confirming their cooperation intentions to signing contracts on the platform, improving the user experience.
By conducting factory visit videos and reviewing seller information, we can certify the seller’s qualifications, help you understand whether the product meets national or industry quality standards, improve product quality, competitiveness, and reputation, reduce risks and costs, and win market and trust. Whether in the fields of electronics, machinery, chemicals, food, or medicine, we can provide you with the most suitable product testing solution for your needs and budget.
Intelligent warehousing and logistics ecosystem, including blockchain intelligent logistics and cross-border cloud warehouses, with intelligent diversified solutions and a vast global network. Launch a new intelligent online solution, with data covering the production, transportation, packaging, customs clearance, and third-party inspection of export goods, as well as the full process information of the country of origin, launch country, loading port, transportation method, import port, bonded warehouse inspection and quarantine number, customs declaration number, and other imported goods.
Bank of China customizes tariff insurance and customized cross-border trade insurance. Enterprises no longer need to prepare deposits, nor do they need to go through the bank guarantee process, and the insurance premium rate is low, which can reduce enterprise costs. Bank of China Insurance, supported by more than 600 overseas branches of Bank of China, is committed to providing high-quality overseas insurance services to Chinese “going global” enterprise customers. Its business scope covers the world, with a cumulative number of overseas projects underwritten and more than 20 types of insurance covered.
The full chain funds of both trading parties are subject to bank supervision (bank reserve accounts) in the same system, ensuring the security of funds; Provide multi-dimensional bank enterprise reconciliation, with clear fund clearing, withdrawal, transaction details, etc.
Accelerate capital turnover, ensure safety, efficiency, and convenience; Cross border is easier and trade is more convenient. Connect banks, core enterprises, logistics companies, e-commerce platforms, and financial technology companies to conduct full process online management of cross-border trade orders, contracts, and cargo rights, and achieve comprehensive solutions for data analysis, risk control, credit services, and fund activation.
  • Global social media promotion
  • Self media matrix
  • SEO optimization
  • Industry recommendations
  • Short video production
  • Global social media promotion
    Through cooperation with the media industry and official media in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and North America, and supported by professional business reviews, the brand’s authoritative content has gained millions of global exposure. Google, Facebook, Baidu, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu and other social media matrix support, microblog, Xiaohongshu, Tiktok and other comprehensive content publicity at home and abroad. Continuously enhance overseas influence for each exhibition!
  • Self media matrix
    Multiple account management, one click release of articles and videos on multiple platforms, meeting the needs of different scenarios such as new media operation, profitability, product promotion, promotion and marketing, etc
  • SEO optimization
    google, yahoo, bing and other overseas search engine SEO optimization, keyword ranking on the home page, all-round promotion and drainage, guide consultation transformation, cultivate potential customers
  • Industry recommendations
    Analysis reports, data, views and other information about a certain industry obtained from authoritative data publishing agencies, high-quality news, financial and business newspapers and magazines, professional industry research institutions and other channels to help you understand and choose suitable products or services
  • Short video production
    Production of overseas promotional videos for enterprises, combining media rules and audience habits of different countries to customize promotional strategies and overseas communication plans for enterprises; From the first perspective of the purchaser, present the enterprise and factory through video, allowing customers to better understand the export enterprise