Big data credit reporting and blockchain support

Credit certification system

  • Enterprise certification

    Verify the subject information, verify the authenticity of the currently registered enterprise/organization, etc. After verification, you can use more functions and enjoy more services.
    Improve and optimize the internal business environment of the enterprise, improve management efficiency, improve personnel quality, effectively reduce production costs, and promote product technology improvement of the enterprise. Enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the external environment, and enable them to Obtaining certification qualifications, improving contract execution efficiency, and improving service forms. Enhance market competitiveness, expand market share, seize opportunities, and win the future.
    A credit authentication system supported by big data credit reporting and blockchain.

Global Enterprise Certification

Electronic signing and contract management covering over 50 countries worldwide

  • Identity authentication:

    Conduct real name authentication for enterprises from over 50 countries both domestically and internationally to ensure the authenticity and validity of signed enterprises and personal information.
  • Electronic contract:

    Sign online, quickly proceed, and simplify the signing process.
  • Data storage certificate:

    The entire process of identity authentication and contract signing can be traced back. Provide legal evidence for safeguarding rights
  • System docking:

    Embedded in the e-commerce system, e-commerce platform users complete the process from confirming their willingness to cooperate to signing contracts on the platform, improving the user experience.
Provide enterprises with basic capabilities of “digital trustworthiness”
Digital identity · authenticity and trustworthiness

Adopting authoritative digital certificates and national trusted identity data sources to ensure the credibility of identity authentication and verification results, ensuring that various business systems have real identity support and solving the problem of identity trustworthiness.

  • User identity anti-counterfeiting
  • Anti tampering of important data
  • Key Operations Anti Denial
  • Sensitive information theft prevention
Electronic signature · legal and valid

Collaborate with authoritative CA institutions to provide legally effective electronic seals to meet the online signing needs of various businesses in large and medium-sized organizations, and connect the last mile of digitalization throughout the entire business process.

  • Comply with the Electronic Signature Law
  • Certified by an authoritative notary office
  • Reliable digital signature
  • Supported by digital identity certificates
Seal control · Safe and controllable Seal control ·
Safe and controllable

Assist large and medium-sized organizations in achieving unified management of “electronic seals” and “physical seals”, ensuring that all operations of seals are approved and authorized, avoiding theft, unauthorized use, and misuse of seals, and making seals truly controllable.

  • Process driven management seal
  • Strictly follow the system during operation
  • Avoid embezzlement, unauthorized use, and misuse
  • Full lifecycle compliance control
Data storage · verifiable and verifiable Data storage ·
verifiable and verifiable

The PayPayPaytone joint contract lock platform can provide full link data certificate storage services for business, while supporting notary offices and blockchain certificate storage, ensuring that business files can be verified and processes can be traced, making the entire link trustworthy.

  • Multi-party deposit
  • Full link trustworthiness
  • Privacy
  • One click certificate issuance
Certification Scheme
Paypaytone Joint Contract Lock is based on authoritative digital certificates and a national trusted identity data source, ensuring the credibility of identity authentication and verification results. It upgrades the virtual ID account in the system to a true and trustworthy digital identity, ensuring that users have real identity support for their “login, approval, signing, viewing, download, editing, and other” operations, achieving anti counterfeiting of user identity, anti repudiation of key operations, anti tampering of important data, and anti theft of sensitive information, Effectively solving the problem of difficulty in confirming the true identity of operators during the digital transformation process of organizations.
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