We work with various economic and trade organizations around the world
The Cloud Exhibition Cloud Sales Platform can regularly organize various cloud procurement fairs, economic and trade exchanges, industrial investment and other activities with overseas professional procurement and trading groups according to enterprise needs. Connect with relevant government agencies, business associations, project owners, and rely on the international team distributed globally on the World Commodity Network to gather high-quality service industries, providing refined investment and trade matching services for enterprises, and promoting project implementation and trade transactions.
 Pre exhibition promotion
The promotion conference aims to amplify the driving effect of the exhibition host city, better promote and promote regional industrial belts, implement the goal of “exhibitors becoming investors”, encourage more overseas high-quality enterprises to invest and start business, promote the faster and better landing of major industrial projects, and assist the high-quality development of the host city’s industrial economy.
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 Promotion by international institutions
 Global partners/institutions
 Supporting global enterprises