Overview of Daguojingpin Chuquanji
Daguojingpin Chuquanji is a service system that responds to the national strategy of strengthening quality, brand, and manufacturing, aiming to provide assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises to open up market sales, enhance product awareness, and build national independent brands.
Daguojingpin Chuquanji is also an important measure to practice full media integrated communication. Based on the value of C-end television media, combined with the dissemination mode of N-end mainstream online media, self media, client and other integrated media, it not only improves the market competitiveness and credibility of the enterprise, but also deepens the support of enterprise marketing and sales content and brand story dissemination, further enhancing the enterprise’s image and reputation.
 Cooperation Cases
Hunan Tuowo Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd
Hunan Nengchuang Technology Co., Ltd
Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute
Gensheng doors and windows
Weifang Leiteng Power Machinery Co., Ltd
Hunan Tiantuo Engineering Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd
Laizhou Luzun Machinery Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Taixin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
 Creation and Communication
Premium Documentary
Documentary techniques are used to record high-quality content related to the enterprise, such as the era, characters, products, technology, and stories. It has unique cultural and communication value and is an indispensable reference in the construction of high-quality products in a large country. It can be used as an image of the development of the times, an image of enterprise growth, a recorder of a character’s struggle story, a narrator of enterprise brand stories, and a disseminator of product marketing.
CCTV-10 TV Image Film
Taking the national platform promotion content as the core driving force, leveraging the authoritative credibility and influence of the CCTV brand, we can open up a closed-loop system for enterprises from product production, brand promotion to market sales, achieving the promotion effect of integrating product efficiency. The halo effect of CCTV itself will also help enterprises open up the market, increase sales, enhance product awareness and recognition.
 Communication plan and advantages
Integrated Media Communication of “C+N”
The “C+N” integrated media communication model is a diversified and aggregated communication model, which is jointly promoted and integrated by different types of media, covering various media such as television, the Internet, new media, self media, and clients. Together, it supports a communication network with different audience groups, aggregating publicity power for enterprise marketing and brand building, and ultimately achieving the aggregation benefits of brand promotion.
 CCTV’s top production team
Professional photography by a senior photography team
• Professional film and television production team visits the enterprise for on-site filming
• Shooting adopts new 4K+5G+AI high-definition technology
• Multi angle, multi stand, multi lens, multi material
• Professional TV station directors and choreographers lead on-site guidance
TV director personally planned
• Extensive reading of enterprise materials and materials
• A carefully crafted interview outline
• Production of several versions of split script
• Repeatedly listen, verify, record, and think
Professional film and television
post production editing
• Professional film and television post production editing
• Thousands of material screening
• Color editing with one frame and one handkerchief
• Standard dubbing, composition, and production for movies
 Ace Content Editing Team
A good documentary
• Being a witness to the transformation of the times
• It is an image of the growth and development of enterprises
• Being a recorder of character struggle stories
• Being a storyteller of corporate brand stories
• Being a communicator in product marketing
A deep interview program
• Face to face interviews with central level hosts
• Recording in professional television studios
• Multi camera and multi lens recording and shooting
• Facing social hotspots and entrepreneurs’ hearts directly
• Reflect on life and appreciate life through dialogue
Professional film and television post-production editing
• Tailored to the needs of the enterprise
• Can showcase the full range of enterprise products
• Can incorporate corporate brand logos into it
• Can embed corporate culture, characters, and scenes
• Breaking through barriers to corporate promotion and product marketing
 Authoritative media broadcast platform
Daguojingpin Enterprise Image Film Broadcasting Platform
CCTV-10 Science and Education Channel
• An educational platform for establishing a country and cultivating talents
• A platform for promoting scientific spirit
• A display platform for cultural confidence
• communication platform for ecological civilization
Daguojingpin Enterprise Documentary Broadcasting Platform
Central new film old story channel
• The Old Story Channel officially launched in 2005
• Recording belongs to the digital channel of CCTV
• Has now become a national authoritative cultural record channel
• Its superior unit was personally named by Chairman Mao Zedong
Daguojingpin interview program broadcasting platform
CCTV shopping channel
• Currently the only TV shopping channel on CCTV
• CCTV’s new marketing platform and new retail channels in China
• Channel coverage in 23 provinces across the country, broadcast 24/7
• Currently with 112 million household users and 400 million people watching