Function Introduction
  • Suppliers can remotely manage information kiosks

    180 degree rotating pavilion (automatic/manual)

    Display supplier’s catalog/product

    Display supplier’s equipment/technology

  • Light alarm system

    Green light indicator - supplier online and talking to potential customers

    Flashing - seek help from local representatives

    Off - Self Service Touch Screen Mode

  • The historical logs on our application allow customers to continue interacting after the exhibition ends

    Three types of virtual participation for remote access

    Three independent screen displays (logo/video/demo C) supporting multiple visuals

    Self service touch screen - World Commodity Network website/product gallery/virtual industrial wide visit/sample ordering page

Back-end system
  • A fully customizable page that can be customized through our cloud services to meet the specific needs of any customer
  • Being able to provide real-time analysis and data insights allows exhibitors to track visitor engagement, monitor traffic, and measure the success of their marketing activities. Enterprises can gain valuable insights from their target customers and make wise decisions about future events
  • Application - on-demand access to recording sessions, allowing them to continue participating after the meeting
Kiosk experience



Our suppliers can display all their catalogues/products Our suppliers can demonstrate their equipment/technology Customers can interact with suppliers on our platform Technical support Historical logs in the application allow
customers to continue interacting after
the exhibition ends